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EMCO – Harnessing the power of Internet for positive business Goals !

Software Creation is an art, the art of creating a system
that meets the aspirations of the users. And software
development is a science, the science of ensuring logic
credibility, system availability, application scalability and
data accuracy of a solutions. EMCO is the confluence of
the art and science of software development. It is an
innovative, trusted and competent software company
serving the higher purpose of harnessing the power of
the net for business entities.


 Our web designers and web developers are equipped with both technical as well as digital marketing expertise. We are a web design company in Abu Dhabi and our offering includes SEO friendly responsive web designs to full pack eCommerce web development.

Our customer centric approach for our clients is the main reason our clients have kept coming back to us. From Start-up SMEs to the most recognizable global corporations, we’ve played a crucial role in the growth of our clients’ digital presence.

Our Advantages


Experienced in handling clients for many years


Give you low prices with the best service


We have a professional team ready to help solve your problem


Our company has legal certification from the government

About us

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Syed Hasan Ali

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